Delphi 2010 Handbook

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Delphi 2010 Handbook
Delphi 2010 Handbook
The guide to what's new in Delphi 2010, from best-selling author Marco Cantu

Author: Marco Cantu
Publisher: Wintech Italia Srl
ISBN: 1450597262 (EAN-13: 9781450597265)
Pages: 318.
Ebook Release Date: Feb 21st, 2010.
Printed Book Release Date: February 25th, 2010.

The book covers all the new features of Delphi 2010 for Win32, from Extended RTTI to new IDE features, from Windows 7 support to the improved DataSnap architecture. This is a brand new book, there is no overlapping material with the Delphi 2007 Handbook and Delphi 2009 Handbook

This is the list of the book chapters:
Chapter 1: A Better IDE
Chapter 2: The Debugger
Chapter 3: Extended RTTI and Attributes
Chapter 4: More and the Compiler and the RTL
Chapter 5: The VCL and Windows 7
Chapter 6: Touch and Gestures
Chapter 7: Database Access and DataSnap
Chapter 8: REST Web Services



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