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Age Of Empires III - The Warchiefs (Expansion)
[b] Age Of Empires III - The Warchiefs (Expansion)

The new expansion pack builds off of the real-time-strategy gameplay of the original, providing players with the ability to lead one of three proud Native American civilizations, including the Iroquois Confederation, to expand their empire and fight for control of the Americas. The game provides new ways to play and win, introducing new gameplay elements and content including new civilizations, a new single player campaign, Home City enhancements and additional maps and units. Additional content is also added to all existing European civilizations as well.

System Requirements

Requires Age of Empires III to play
Microsoft Windows XP or higher
PC with 1.4 GHz equivalent or higher processor
256 MB of system RAM
2 GB available hard disk space
32x speed or faster CD-ROM drive
64 MB video card with support for hardware
transformation and lighting required
DirectX 9.0 or later
56K dial-up Internet Access or LAN required for online/multiplayer
Sound card, speakers or headphones required for audio
Microsoft Mouse or compatible pointing device
no pass.

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