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3D Custom Girl [18 ]

Game Title: 3D Custom Shoujo/3D
3D Gameplay
System Requirements:
Windows 2000/XP/Vista
PentiumIV 1.4Ghz CPU
Video Card with 256MB

While searching the internet, I have found several forums offering to download this game but their instruction on how to install it was very vague and lot of people could not install The Game. This thread will contain instruction on how to install and play The Game right away and additional information on how to install the update and its expansion (link below). I will post screenshot too much on this first post but feel free to post your screenies guys!

So, what is 3D Custom Girl? Its a Hentai game which allows you to create your custom girl, you can modify some physical aspect of the girl and then you can use the vast number of cloth to dress up your dream girl. Well, after dressing up your girl ... what about some hot sex afterwards? The cell shading feature makes The Game look very sweet, you'll love it! Moreover, the expansion brings new feature is The Game like being able to modify all aspect of your girl (boobs maybe?) And custom position for your game!
Let the fun begin! Here is step by step what you should do to enjoy The Game.



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