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Spider-Man: Web of Shadows
Spider-Man: Web of Shadows

Spider-Man Web of Shadows - The main villain to once again favor VENOM, who on his return to New York took a particularly large copy alien symbionts - a black substance that is able to bend the mind of people and empower them sverhsposobnostyami. The case comes before the symbionts that captures almost all of Manhattan, which, in the literal sense of the word - buildings and skyscrapers are catch a thick black "web". The government quickly evacuates people and closing the island to quarantine - to become Spider-Man, and other supergeroi ... superzlodei. Yes, now we are allowed to choose to imagine the company not only positive but also negative characters - this will depend on the style passing game and the reaction of other mutants in the main character.

SpiderMan Web of Shadows himself as Spider-Man has learned many new techniques and brezguet not vest in the black suit - only for the salvation of the world, of course. Switch between attire will be "on the fly," thus building a daedal combos. Costume, incidentally, is now not only provides additional strength and techniques, but also suck out the vital energy that is necessary to restore the battle with the enemy. And, for balance, for the flight to the city and rapid movements have to prefer the old robe - developers heavily "cut" from the black image speed and possession web.

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