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Warcraft III Frozen Throne
Warcraft III Frozen Throne

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Impressive Real Time Strategy Game Where You Build, Attack & Destroy. It has been nearly fifteen years since the war between the orcs and humans ended.

An uneasy peace settled over the land while, for years, the drums of war were silent. Yet the kingdoms of men grew complacent in their victory - and slowly, the defeated orcish clans regrouped under the banner of a new visionary leader. The savage, green-skinned Orcs are one of the most prolific races of the Warcraft world. Although few are aware of it, the Orcs once cultivated a noble, Shamanistic society on the world of Draenor. Relatively speaking, Humanity is one of the world's youngest races. Unlike Elves and Dwarves, Humans live brief lives full of change and strife.

Now a darker shadow has fallen over the world, threatening to extinguish all life - all hope. The drums of war play upon the winds once again - rising urgently towards the inevitable hour when the skies will rain fire - and the world will tremble before the coming of the Burning Legion.

The Day of Judgment has come...

System Requirements - Windows

* Windows 98, Me, 2000, XP
* 400 MHz Pentium II or equivalent
* 128 MB of RAM
* 8 MB 3D video card (TNT, i810, Voodoo 3, Rage 128 equivalent or better) with DirectX?? 8.1 support
* 700 MB HD space
* 4X CD-ROM drive

System Requirements - Recommended

* 600 MHz processor
* 256 MB of RAM
* 32 MB 3D video card
* DirectX?? 8.1 compatible sound card


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DotA_Allstars_v6.54b Without AI

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