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Spore: Galactic Adventures (PC)
Spore: Galactic Adventures (PC)

Spore: Galactic Adventures (PC) | 2.21 GB
Spore - this game is unparalleled, which does not fit the life of one man or even the fate of an entire civilization. It hides immense universe with lots of planets, human beings many different shapes and sizes, which have come a long evolutionary path from simple unicellular to highly rational creatures. Your hands will be the fate of all species. Start with a tiny bacteria and fight for life in the oceans, developing useful ability in combat and growing new organs. Continue the evolution of land, where you create одинокое gradually become part of a flock, and flock will develop in the tribe. Having reached the same stage of civilization, and extending the power of its people throughout the world, you can go into space!

Galactic stage break such horizons of new opportunities that they have enough for a game. Unfamiliar worlds, friendly, neutral and hostile race, incredible discoveries, Interstellar trade, expeditions in the less developed world, whose inhabitants still live in savagery - all waiting for you in space. Supplement Spore: Galactic Adventures devoted to galactic adventures and significantly expands opportunities for learning unknown world. Now you can not just fly round an unfamiliar planet, but also to land on it, thereby obtaining access to new exciting jobs.

# Explore the strange worlds. The flight to the stars - a milestone in the development of each civilization. In Spore: Galactic Adventures, you can not only travel between planets, abduct their residents and to establish a colony on the uninhabited worlds, but also land on the surface!

# Ekipiruyte astronaut. Prepare your wards to interstellar travels through 32 new devices that are not only aesthetic but also practical significance.

# Adventures await! Especially for the Spore: Galactic Adventures developers from the studio Maxis have created many new and exciting jobs. You will unravel the mystery of Energy Crystals, to help defeat Barbaros Gangor at Arena of Death and take part in dozens of other exciting missions.

# Endless travels. With the help of a special editor of Adventure Creator can create your own missions to different planets and open access to other users. Through the active participation of fans playing space will always be rich in new adventures.


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Código: For ALL Peoples

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