Clubland Xtreme Hardcore 6 2009

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Clubland Xtreme Hardcore 6 2009

Clubland Xtreme Hardcore 6 2009
MP3 | 320 kbps | Various | 3CDs | 494.052 MB

Disc 1 Darren Styles
Outta My Head Darren Styles and Manian
Models Are Ugly Dougal and Gammer
Find Yourself (DS Mix) John 0?Callaghan
Rock `n Roller Chris Fear
Everytime I Hear Your Name (Dougal and Gammer Mix) Cascada
Fuel To Fire Re-Con
Anybody Else But You Dougal and Gammer
Bassline Road Darren Styles
Missing You (Gammer Mix) Tom Par
Passenger DJ Gollum
Electric 2010 Styles and Breeze
Stairway To Heaven Odyssey, Modulate and Petruccio
Shining Star Darren Styles and Chris Unknown feat Molly
Kidz Re-Con
Do You Feel The Same Darren Styles
Runaway (Breeze Mix) Technikore Feat Nat
Rock 1 Time JB-C
Move It Sy and Unknown
Only Your Love (Chris Unknown and Re-Con) Kirsten Joy

Disc 2 Breeze

The Ringmaster (Intro) MC Whizzkid
Use Somebody (Chris Unknown Remix) Ultrabeat
Sonic 2010 Styles and Breeze
Party Vibe Breeze v Beat Commanders feat MOB
Twist Breeze and Re-Con
Everywhere (Breeze and UFO Remix) Master Blaster
All Outta Love Azora
Hardcore Orchestra Breeze and UFO
Me and You (Breeze Remix) Frisco and Alexia
Move For Me (Dougal and Gammer Remix)- Kaskade v Deadmau5
Make You Mine (Supreme, UFO and MOB Remix) Beat Commanders
Boing! Dougal and Gammer
Lonely (Breeze and Ritmen Remix) Scooter
Torn Apart Re-Con
Stamp On The Ground (Breeze Remix) Italo Brothers
Break It Dougal and Gammer
Love To The Stars Breeze v UFO and Lost Witness
Electronic VIP Sy and Unknown
Reach Out Breeze v Unique
Heartbeatz (Specialist Sound Remix) Styles and Breeze Feat Karen Danzig

Disc 3 Hixxy (BONUS CD)
Shine your light Dougal and Gammer
Surrender (Clubland Mix) Al Storm ft Amy
Summer Love (Hixxy Remix) Ramos, Punch and Protocol feat M.C. Drew
Taken Over Me AudioJunkie and Stylus
Now You Got Me Hixxy and Technikore
Without Doubt Re-Con
Dum, der did it dit it- Hixxy and Sy
Turn Around 2009/ 10 Al Storm and Euphony
Boom da de Dougal and Gammer
Million Miles Hixxy
Digital Lover (Re-Con remix) Sy and Unknown
Kaleidoscope Hixxy
Walking Time Bomb- Re-Con
Clubwalker JB-C
H>A>R>D C.O.R.E. MC Storm
Re-loaded Hixxy and Technikore
I Surrender (Hixxy Hardcore Remix) Cadence
Make you Love Me (Squad-E Remix) D-Code
Power Of Love Paradise
Do You Know (Ultrabeat Remix) E-Squire and Di Scala Feat Ruth Cullen
Like A Rainbow Sy-Fy

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