VA - Long Live Boogaloo (2012)

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VA - Long Live Boogaloo (2012)

VA - Long Live Boogaloo @ 320

01. Sister Sue - Angel Rene / Johnny Rodriguez
02. Mia's Boogaloo - Ozzie Torrens
03. Funky Big Feet - Bobby Valentín
04. Chicken and Booze - Manny Corchado
05. The Boogieman - Louie Ramirez
06. Take a Trip - Luis Aviles / The Latin Blues Band
07. We Belong Together - The Latin Blues Band / Herbie Oliveri
08. Bataola Boogaloo - Bobby Quesada
09. Petes Boogaloo - Pete Rodriguez
10. Funky Shing A Ling - King Nando
11. Dance The Boogaloo - Johnny Zamot
12. Lucys Spanish Harlem - Louie Ramirez
13. Keep The Faith - Bobby Valentín
14. Bes That Way - Willie Bobo
15. Boogaloo Baby - Johnny Zamot
16. Ritmo Moderno - Bobby Quesada
17. Cookin' With A&J - Angel Rene / Johnny Rodriguez
18. Straw Boss - Lenni Sesar
19. Marilu - George Guzman
20. Boogaloo Sabroso - Monguito Santamaria
21. Lost In The Jungle - Cucaracha Brass
22. Pretty Mama - Ray Barretto

Total Size: 165,10MB

At its best, boogaloo was the most propulsive and exciting dance form of the '60s, a swinging and jiving blend of early salsa and R&B, just the right music to get down to in your favorite club or right there on the sun-scorched pavement. After its moment in the sun, however, it soon gave way to harder and tighter dances (on both the Latin and R&B sides) like salsa and smooth soul. With plenty of boogaloo fans still keeping the faith, both among DJs and labels, it would've been easy to think that all of the best had already been heard, but on Long Live Boogaloo shines a light on yet more great shots from Spanish Harlem in the mid- to late '60s. The track listing presumes that listeners have already heard most of the best boogaloo, so they spend time digging still deeper to uncover nuggets among artists both obscure and famous -- Manny Corchado's "Chicken and Booze," Johnny Rodriguez and Angel Rene's "Cookin' with A&J," and the two biggest names here, Willie Bobo ("Be's That Way") and Ray Barretto ("Pretty Mama," the highlight here although it's slotted last). All this and more make for one of the best packages of boogaloo this side of the Latino "Popcorn" Fever series.

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