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VA - Vital Signs (Compiled By Androcell)
VA - Vital Signs (Compiled By Androcell)

VA - Vital Signs (Compiled By Androcell)
MP3 320 kbps | 140 Mb | USA
Of.Release: Mar-30-2010 | Label: Celestial Dragon Records | Ambient, PsyChill, Downtempo



01 - Androcell - Atmos-Spheres (Human Mix)
02 - Androcell - Vital Signs
03 - Cell - Body Temperature
04 - Asura - Blood Pressure
05 - Aes Dana - Pulse Rate
06 - Distant System - Pupillary Response
07 - Solar Fields - Respiratory Rate
08 - Androcell - Neurosomatic Circuit (Brain Waves Mix)

Vital Signs is a concept compilation comprised of tracks that were custom created for this project by renown artists such as Aes Dana, Asura, Solar Fields, Cell, Androcell, and Distant System. Each artist was carefully chosen and assigned a specific track title/theme to interpret the essence of their "vital sign" through the sonic medium. Title assignments were based according to each artist's individual music style. Together, like the modular structure of sub-systems in the body, the tracks function as an interconnected unit which depend on each other to complete the whole. Each "vital sign" serving as a reminder that these systems are operating and we are alive. Concept and mix by Androcell. Mastering by Huby Sea and Vincent Villuis @ Ultimae. Original artwork in digipak format by Quasga.



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