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[]Bella Mafia (1997) DVDRip
Bella Mafia (1997) DVDRip

After you've seen all the other mafia movies with all the men running the show, and women just being their trademark "jewelry", check out these five women who avenge their loved one's deaths. Proving that love and vengence is just as strong for women as it is men, "Bella Mafia" sheds the weak female characters of the mob with strong, stubborn, and purposeful women. The settings, costuming, and performances from the men also make this a movie event not to be missed.
Being a man, myself, it is great to see women who can control their destiny. Venessa Redgrave and Jennifer Tilly give performances to "die" for!
The only thing I have to say about the film BELLA MAFIA is that it is utterly amazing. This is no doubt in my opinion the best drama that I have ever seen. The cast was superb. The writing amazing. The movie drew me in from the first scene.
And I admit that I didn't expect it to be good at all. I was sort of just looking for a film to past the time.
The one thing I loved the most was the development in character. As a viewer, I saw all of the characters lives change in great detail. From Sofia to Luca to Moyra. Even though the plot had some violent scenes, the writer managed to put in
aspects of loyalty and love which made you kind of root for vengeance against the opposite characters. All in all. One of the best, if not the best in my opinion. If you want drama and action, see this movie.
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