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[UG]Vivid Workshop Data Ati
Vivid Workshop Data Ati

Vivid Workshop Data Ati | RapidShare | RAR 2 Gb

Vivid Workshop Data Ati is aimed at diagnosing motor electrical predominantly European cars. Vivid Workshop Data Ati includes diagrams for the ECU of the engine, the look and description of sensors and other electrical elements of the injection and ignition waveform on the specified elements, as well as selected information on the mechanics.

Year: 2008
Version: 8.2
Platform: XP
Compatibility with Vista: unknown
Language: English
Tabletka: Present
Size: 2.02 GB

Features Vivid Workshop Data Ati:

- The friendly menu allows you to find the desired section, and a large picture showing the labeling of license units, deciphering the year, type, capacity, volume, etc. simplifies the search.

- The questions of how, what, where and when to fill, replace, to serve, as well as how to check the oil level in gearbox.

-An additional section contains the main technical data of the vehicle: oil pressure, valve clearances, timing angle, the beginning of the filing, marking the candles, sprays, coils, fuel pump, fuel injection system, fuel pressure, CO, revolutions of the twentieth, the process of adhesion, the thickness of brake pads and discs angles of the wheels, etc.

- Large and clear pictures, as well as parts catalog spare parts showing moments of procrastination nodes and connections (heads, connecting rods, pulleys, etc.).

- The section devoted to fuel and ignition system provides information, as no special devices to check or adjust the car. There is a self-diagnostic codes.

- Contains some very rare schemes, such as circuit pneumatic suspension or climate control.

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Re: [UG]Vivid Workshop Data Ati
gran aporte gracias...........................:Notw orthy:
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Re: [UG]Vivid Workshop Data Ati
Donde esta la parte 8
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Re: [UG]Vivid Workshop Data Ati
como puedo descargar vivid workshop data ati
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Re: [UG]Vivid Workshop Data Ati
donde esta la parte 8
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Re: [UG]Vivid Workshop Data Ati
que pasó con la parte 8..?????
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Re: [UG]Vivid Workshop Data Ati
alguien sabe que paso con la parte 8?
augusto warez
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Re: [UG]Vivid Workshop Data Ati
alguien sabe como se descarga este programa??????????? respondanme
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Re: [UG]Vivid Workshop Data Ati
no lo puedo descargar!!!!!!!
Hace 4 Semanas
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Re: [UG]Vivid Workshop Data Ati
master fijate si podes subir los LINK, ESTAN MUERTOS...!

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