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Discografia - Trans-Siberian Orchestra
Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Trans-Siberian Orchestra (abreviado como TSO) es una orquesta de Metal fundada por Paul O'Neill, Robert Kinkel y Jon Oliva en 1996. El estilo musical de la agrupación incorpora metal sinfónico, rock progresivo y heavy metal, con influencias de la música clásica. Trans-Siberian Orchestra es bien conocido por sus versiones de canciones de Navidad.


1996 - Christmas Eve and Other Stories


"An Angel Came Down"
"O Come All Ye Faithful/O Holy Night" *
"A Star to Follow"
"First Snow" *
"The Silent Nutcracker" *
"A Mad Russian's Christmas" *
"The Prince of Peace"
"Christmas Eve/Sarajevo 12/24" *
"Good King Joy"
"The First Noel" *
"Old City Bar"
"Promises to Keep"
"This Christmas Day"
"An Angel Returned"
"O Holy Night" *
"God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" *

94 mb

1998 - The Christmas Attic


"The Ghosts of Christmas Eve"
"Boughs of Holly" *
"The World That She Sees"
"The World That He Sees"
"Midnight Christmas Eve" *
"The March of the Kings/Hark the Herald Angel" *
"The Three Kings and I (What Really Happened)"
"Christmas Canon"
"Joy/Angels We Have Heard on High"
"Find Our Way Home"
"Appalachian Snowfall" *
"The Music Box"
"The Snow Came Down"
"Christmas in the Air"
"Dream Child (A Christmas Dream)"
"An Angel's Share"
"Music Box Blues"

133 MB
256 kbps


2000 - Beethoven's Last Night

"Overture" - Moonlight Sonata, Pathetique Sonata, Symphony No. 9, Symphony No. 5, Mozart's Requiem
"What Good This Deafness"
"Mephistopheles" - Moonlight Sonata
"What Is Eternal" - Moonlight Sonata, Symphony No. 9
"The Moment" - Symphony No. 6
"Mozart" - Le Nozze di Figaro Overture (Mozart)
"The Dreams of Candlelight" - Chopin's Op 68 Mazurka No. 3
"Requiem (The Fifth)" - Mozart's Requiem, Symphony No. 5
"I'll Keep Your Secrets"
"The Dark"
"Für Elise"
"After the Fall"
"A Last Illusion" - Piano Sonata No. 16 (Mozart), Symphony No. 9, Flight of the Bumblebee
"This Is Who You Are"
"Beethoven" - Symphony No. 9, Pathetique Sonata
"Mephistopheles' Return" - Pathetique Sonata
"Who Is This Child"
"A Final Dream"

100 MB
192 kbps


2004 - The Lost Christmas Eve

"Faith Noel"
"The Lost Christmas Eve"
'Christmas Dreams"
"Wizards in Winter"
"Anno Domine"
"Christmas Concerto"
"Queen of the Winter Night"
"Christmas Nights in Blue"
"Christmas Jazz"
"Christmas Jam"
"Siberian Sleigh Ride"
"What Is Christmas?"
"For the Sake of Our Brother"
"The Wisdom of Snow"
"Wish Liszt" (Toy Shop Madness)
"Back to a Reason (Part II)"
"Christmas Bells, Carousels & Time"
"What Child Is This?"
"O’ Come All Ye Faithful"
"Christmas Canon Rock"
"Different Wings"
"Midnight Clear"

114 MB

2009 - Night Castle

01 - Night Enchanted
02 - Childhood Dreams
03 - Sparks
04 - The Mountain
05 - Night Castle
06 - The Safest Way Into Tomorrow
07 - Mozart And Memories
08 - Another Way You Can Die
09 - Toccata-Carpimus Noctem
10 - The Lion's Roar
11 - Dreams We Conceive
12 - Mother And Son
13 - There Was A Life

01 - Moonlight And Madness
02 - Time Floats On
03 - Epiphany
04 - Bach Lullaby
05 - Father, Son & Holy Ghost
06 - Remnants Of A Lullaby
07 - The Safest Way Into Tomorrow (Reprise)
08 - Embers
09 - Child Of The Night
10 - Believe
11 - Nutrocker
12 - Carmina Burana
13 - Tracers

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