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  2. Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal World Duel Carnival (E)[MULTi5]-N3DS
  3. Phineas and Ferb Quest for Cool Stuff (E) [MULTi5]-N3DS
  4. The Mysterious Cities of Gold Secret Paths (E) [MULTi10]-N3DS
  5. Pokémon Art Academy (E) [MULTi5]-N3DS
  6. Hello Kitty Picnic with Sanrio Characters (E)[MULTi5]-N3DS
  7. Girls Fashion Shoot (E) [MULTi2]-N3DS
  8. Battleship (E)[MULTi5]-N3DS
  9. Madagascar 3 Europe's Most Wanted (E)[MULTi7]-N3DS
  10. El Profesor Layton y la Máscara de los Prodigios [E]-N3DS
  11. Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2 (E)-N3DS
  12. Shinobi [E][MULTi5]-N3DS
  13. Puzzler Mind Gym 3D (E) [MULTI-5]-N3DS
  14. Legends of Oz Dorothy's Return (E)-N3DS
  15. Shin Megami Tensei IV [U]-N3DS
  16. Como entrenar a tu dragón 2 [N3DS][USA][MULTIHOST]
  17. Inazuma Eleven GO: Luz / Sombra [N3DS][PAL][ESPAŃOL][MULTIHOST]
  18. Inazuma Eleven Go Light (E) [MULTi5]-N3DS
  19. Tomodachi Life (U)-N3DS
  20. Brain Age Concentration Training (U)[MULTi3]-N3DS
  21. Rayman Origins [E][MULTi6]-N3DS
  22. Disney Epic Mickey Power of Illusion [E] [MULTI-7]-N3DS
  23. Project X Zone [E]-N3DS
  24. Naruto Shippuden 3D The New Era [E] [MULTI-5]-N3DS
  25. Regular Show Mordecai & Rigby in 8 Bit Land (E)-N3DS
  26. Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney [E] [MULTI4]-N3DS
  27. Tomodachi Life (E) [MULTi5]-N3DS
  28. Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy (E)-N3DS
  29. Scribblenauts Unlimited (E) [MULTi6]-N3DS
  30. Pokémon Y (U) [MULTi7]-N3DS
  31. Cooking Mama 4 (E) [MULTi5]-N3DS
  32. Tekken 3D Prime Edition (U)-N3DS
  33. Mario Golf World Tour (U )[MULTi3]-N3DS
  34. Pokémon X (E) [MULTi7]-N3DS
  35. Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Gates to Infinity [U]-N3DS
  36. Yoshi's New Island (U) [MULTi3]-N3DS
  37. Yoshi's New Island [E] [MULTI8]-N3DS
  38. Angry Birds Star Wars [U][MULTI3]-N3DS
  39. Angry Birds Trilogy (U)[MULTi2]-N3DS
  40. StarFox 64 3D [E] [MULTi5]-N3DS
  41. Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance [U]-N3DS
  42. Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition [E] [MULTi5]-N3DS
  43. Batman Arkham Origins: Blackgate (U)[MULTi2]-N3DS
  44. PilotWings Resort (U) [MULTI3]-N3DS
  45. Castlevania Lords of Shadow Mirror of Fate [E] [MULTI-5]-N3DS
  46. Oresama Kingdom Ikemen Kareshi o Get Shiyo! Moe Kyun School Days [N3DS][JAP][Multihost]
  47. Kirby Triple Deluxe (E)[ MULTi5]-N3DS
  48. Paper Mario Sticker Star [U] [MULTi3]-N3DS
  49. Resident Evil Revelations (U) [MULTi6]-N3DS
  50. Resident Evil The Mercenaries 3D [E] [MULTi5]-N3DS
  51. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate [U] [MULTi5]-N3DS
  52. Putty Squad [N3DS][USA][ESP][Multihost]
  53. The cube [N3DS][EUR][ESP][Multihost]
  54. Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bros[Multi][MEGA]
  55. Mario Tennis Open [U] [MULTi3]-N3DS
  56. Dead or Alive Dimensions (U) [MULTi6]-N3DS
  57. Super Mario 3D Land (U)[MULTi3]-N3DS
  58. New Super Mario Bros 2 (U) [MULTi3]-N3DS
  59. Bravely Default [E] [MULTI6]-N3DS
  60. The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds (U)[MULTi3]-N3DS
  61. Mario Kart 7 (U)[ MULTi3]-N3DS
  62. Rune Factory 4 [Multi][MEGA]
  63. Mario Golf: World Tour [Multi][Mega]
  64. Pokémon Mundo Misterioso: Portales al Infinito [Multi] [Mega]
  65. Arkham Origins Blackgate [E] [MULTI5]-N3DS
  66. Adventure Time Explore The Dungeon Because.Don't Know (E)[MULTi5]-N3DS
  67. Spirit CameraThe Cursed Memoir [E] [MULTI5]-N3DS
  68. Fifa 14 [E] [MULTI3]-N3DS
  69. Sonic Generations (EUR) [MULTi5]-N3DS
  70. The Sims 3 [E][MULTI-6]-N3DS
  71. Return to Ravenhearst (E) MULTi6]
  72. Heavy Fire The Chosen Few 3D [N3DS][EUR][ESP][Multihost]
  73. Real Heroes Firefighter 3D [N3DS][EUR][ESP][Multihost]
  74. Kirby Triple Deluxe [N3DS][EUR][ESP][Multihost]
  75. Mario Party Island Tour (E) [MULTi8]-N3DS
  76. Super Monkey Ball 3D (E)[MULTi5]-N3DS
  77. Etrian Odyssey IV Legends of the Titan (E)-N3DS
  78. Cave Story 3D [E]-N3DS
  79. Tetris (E) [MULTi6]-N3DS
  80. Angry Birds Star Wars [E][ MULTI5]-N3DS
  81. Angry Birds Trilogy [E] [MULTI-5]-N3DS
  82. Naruto Powerful Shippuden [E][MULTI5]-N3DS
  83. RabbidsTravel in Time 3D (U) [MULTi3]-N3DS
  84. Kid Icarus Uprising [E] [MULTI-5]-N3DS
  85. Tekken 3D Prime Edition [E][MULTI-5]-N3DS
  86. Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Gates to Infinity [E][MULTi5]-N3DS
  87. Super Pokemon Rumble [E][MULTI-5]-N3DS
  88. Pilotwings Resort [E][MULTi5]-N3DS
  89. Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell 3D [E][MULTI-5]-N3DS
  90. Mario Tennis Open (E)[MULTi8]-N3DS
  91. Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance (E)[MULTi3]-N3DS
  92. Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D [E][MULTI-5]-N3DS
  93. Paper Mario Sticker Star [E][MULTI-5] -N3DS
  94. The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D [E][MULTI5] -N3DS
  95. New Super Mario Bros 2 [E][MULTI-8] -N3DS
  96. Fire Emblem Awakening [E][MULTI-5] -N3DS
  97. Super Mario 3D Land (E)[MULTi8] -N3DS
  98. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate [E][MULTi5] -N3DS
  99. Dead or Alive Dimensions [E][MULTi5] -N3DS
  100. Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition (U)[MULTi3]-N3DS